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Hi I'm Clair, your PA to independence. 

I am your Personal Assistant, PA, supporting you in all areas of your life, from everyday living skills to managing your team of support staff, I'm here to be your PA in a way that works for you.

With over 20 years experience working with families with young children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities am excited to assist you!

I provide the following services

Build your Circle of Support

Having a Circle of Support around you can help you make decisions in your life. I can help you design how you would like this group of people to support you, organise themselves, come up with their Vision and Mission in supporting you and most importantly keeping you and your values at the centre of all decisions made.

Your Circle of Support can help with big picture goals, such as moving into your own home, what you need from a paid support worker, what you want to do for work and how to meet new people.


Personal Assistant

As your Personal Assistant, PA, I am available  to help you manage the many aspects of your life in ways that you can relate to and understand. I am here to help you be your best self.

My passion is working with people towards their independence with a focus on how they wish to live. This may be as a Support Worker providing one to one assistance or as a Personal Assistant helping to map out a future home environment. With a Person Centred approach I help build Circles of Support and goals to Visioning your future. I  can Facilitate your Team of staff and provide support to you and your family and carers.

It’s up to you how you would like to work together!

Independent Support Coordination

Support Coordination gives you the help and guidance to find services and the support you need to implement your NDIS plan and personal life goals. Support Coordination can also help to organise the paperwork and evidence you need for your NDIS review meetings.

It's about upskilling you to understand your plan and how to best use it to achieve your goals. 

If you receive exploration and design of your home living environment, I can  help you and your circle of support envisage your dreams at your pace to create realistic goals. I will then liaise with community providers to help narrow down your options of a home and to find the right support staff to start you on your journey.

Visioning your Future

I can assist you to discover your dreams and goals and break down how to work towards the bigger picture into manageable stages. 

Using person Centred Practices I will help you and your support team to unpack your passions, skills, motivation and aspirations.

I offer this service to families with young children, teens who are leaving school and adults who may want to get a job, make meaningful relationships, or move into their own home.

Coordinating your team

I can help you build a supportive team of workers to meet your goals and daily living skills. I specialise in coordinating your support team, from creating and managing a roster, hosting team meetings, supervisions and team building events so you know that everyone is working with an understanding of your needs and goals. 

I can also support the other important people in your life including your family and friends in ways they wish to be involved in your life, including creating a circle of support and maintaining your relationships in a meaningful way.

Support Worker Services

I am a trained and experienced support worker with over 20 years of experience supporting people with disabilities, including children and adults, their families and support teams.

I provide support in ways that make sense to you and that focus on skill building and independence.

I will provide notes of our time together and progress made.

No matter your life stage of goals I can be your Personal Assistant to help you achieve.



Understanding and Enabling

“We have been self managing for a few years but realised we needed some help to find a support worker who really connected with our child. Clair helped us to find a great support worker who connected with our child's love of computers and animals. She also helped us to understand what to ask for in our NDIS review and found a therapist with availability״ 

David T.

Flexible and Committed

My granddaughter Makeytah absolutely loves the time she spends with you and looks forward to each occasion. She states that when she is with you, that you listen and give her the time to make her own decisions and encourage her to make her own choice for activities. I have observed her willingness to venture out into the community with others now, not just her family. This has given her confidence a real boost. Makeytah enjoys the craft and cooking that she does with you, and I have seen her desire to help in the kitchen increase which is part of her goals.

Dianne C.

Creative & Resourceful

I have known Clair for 6 years and she has given me useful connections to different support services that I required to support my children. She is a creative support worker who engages my kids in fun and learning activities.

Jasmine S.

Let me be your Personal Assistant so you can start achieving!

0424 234 160

I am located on the Central Coast of New South Wales
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